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Basic Expressions

Here's a short video describing the contents of this section: 

The following table includes the basic words/expressions that everyone needs to know. Once they have been mastered, you can focus on the other categories.

English Images French Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
hello Two students saying hello bonjour  
please Girl asking for somethin s'il vous plaît
good-bye Older, Welcome, Greetings, The Hand au revoir
I need  I need J'ai besoin de
I would like  I would like Je voudrais  
Where is? Brother showing his sister where to go Où est
My name is Modern name tag template

Je m'appelle

Help Tourists go up the hill in the sunrise. aide  
Thank you Thanksgiving dishes with thankful woman merci  
When is ...?  Hand with pen mark calendar Quand est-ce que
I am  I am Je suis
I am sick Person with a cold concept illustration Je suis malade
I am sorry Young woman pleading Je m'excuse
yes  Decorative blue square contour checkbox green color tick approval confirmation chek mark internet symbol pictogram vector illustration oui  
no  Stop sign icon notifications that do not do anything. non  
Do you speak English? Do you speak english lettering background Vous parlez anglais?
I have  I have J'ai  
to eat  Girl eating at the canteen dining table manger  
to drink  Boy drinking water boire  
the police  Police collection concept la police  
the hospital  Hospital background design l'hôpital
to lose  Failure business element set perdre  
the money  Money bag background design l'argent  


Basic Numbers and Days

English Images French Listen and Repeat
zero 0 zéro  
one 1 un
two 2 deux  
three 3 trois  
four 4 quatre  
five 5 cinq  
six 6 six  
seven 7 sept  
eight 8 huit  
nine 9 neuf  
ten 10 dix  
today today aujourd'hui  
tomorrow tomorrow demain  
yesterday yesterday hier  
Monday Monday lundi  
Tuesday Tuesday mardi  
Wednesday Wednesday mercredi  
Thursday Thursday jeudi  
Friday Friday vendredi  
Saturday Saturday samedi  
Sunday Sunday dimanche  
an hour an hour une heure  
a day a day un jour  
a week a week une semaine
tonight tonight ce soir  

 Here is some more information about numbers and dates/time.

Play the vocabulary game!

Grammar Point: Present Tense

The present tense of a verb is formed by dropping the ending of the infinitive (-er, -ir or -re) and using the appropriate present tense ending. For example:

travailler ("to work") > je travaille  ("I work"); tu travailles ("you work"); partir ("to leave") > ils partent ("they leave); prendre ("to take") > elle prend ("she takes").

Conjugate travailler

For some common verbs, you need to learn the somewhat unpredictable verb forms:

être ("to be") > Je suis ("I am"); Tu es ("you are")

Conjugate être

avoir ("to have") > J'ai ("I have"); Tu as ("you have").

 Conjugate avoir 

You can find out more about the present tense of verbs here.

Verb conjugation:
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