French Grammar Guide for non-francophones

Present Conditional (e.g.: je parlerais)

Questions about the Conditional

Q: Why is it Si j'avais and NOT Si j'aurais?

While the word si does suggest a condition or the notion of "maybe", it is not followed by the conditional form of the verb, nor is it followed by the subjunctive. Other verb forms can be used, depending on the intended meaning, e.g.: the present (si mon ami vient), the imperfect (si mon ami venait), the passé composé (si mon ami est venu) or the future (si mon ami viendra).

Q: Why is it je voudrais venir and NOT je voudrai venir?

Use the conditional (not the future) with vouloir when indicating what you would like to do (in the same way that in English, one does not say "I will like to come")


Verb conjugation:
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