French Corrective Phonetics Guide

Overview of Key Concepts

Give the symbol for the following features:

Voiced, dental, fricative []
Voiceless, velar, stop []
Voiced, bilabial, stop []
High, front, oral, unrounded []
Mid, back, nasal, rounded []
High, back, oral, rounded []

Describe the voicing, place, manner of articulation for the following consonants:


true or false:

Vowels involve the restriction of airflow
French has four nasal vowels
/ʁ/ is a fricative consonant
/a/ is a high vowel
semi-consonants form the core of a syllable
Allophones are involved in a meaning contrast

Answer the following:

Vowels that change their articulation during a syllable are called
Sounds in between consonants and vowels are called
A consonant produced with the teeth is referred to as
A consonant produced with the lips is referred to as
A consonant produced without vocal fold vibration is referred to as
How many nasal consonants are there in French?
The words mou and nous are identical, except for one sound contrast. As such, mou/nous is referred to as a

French Corrective Phonetics Guide
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