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Dates and Time

Dates and Time 

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Here's a short video describing the contents of this section:


English French
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
today aujourd'hui  
yesterday hier  
tomorrow demain  
now maintenant  
the morning le matin  
noon midi  
the afternoon l'après-midi  
the evening le soir  
Monday lundi  
Tuesday mardi  
Wednesday mercredi  
Thursday jeudi  
Friday vendredi  
Saturday samedi  
Sunday dimanche  
the weekend la fin de semaine
the spring le printemps  
the summer l'été  
the winter l'hiver  
the fall l'automne  
What time is it? Quelle heure est-il?  
early tôt  
late tard, en retard  
always toujours  
sometimes parfois

 You can find more information about dates and time here.

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Grammar Point: past tense

To indicate a past action, use a form of avoir followed by a past participle, e.g.: "I ate" = J'ai mangé, "I finished = J'ai fini. A small number of verbs form the past with être instead of avoir, e.g.: "I went" = Je suis allé. You can learn more about verbs in the past here.

Verb conjugation:
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