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Sports (les sports)

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English Images French
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
a team Team, Girls Basketball Team, Girls une équipe  
the players  Athletes, American Football, Players les joueurs  
our coach Coach, Player, Council, Explain notre entraîneur  
a practice  a practice un entraînement  
a field Field, Football, Pitch, Soccer, Sport un champ  
soccer Child, Soccer, Playing, Kick, Footballer le football  
tennis Female, Filled, Male, Silhouette, Sport le tennis  
a bike Racing Bicycle, Racer, Racing Bike un vélo  
baseball  Hit, Catcher, Baseball, Home Plate le baseball  
hockey  Boy, Game, Hokey, Ice Hockey, Kid, Male le hockey  
the net  Hockey, Goal, Net, Sports, Hockey le filet  
a ball  Ball,ball,basket,basketball une balle/un ballon
exercises  People, Man, Exercise, Fitness, Health des exercices  
a skate  Skates, Snow, Two, A Couple Of, The Land un patin  
a game  a game un match  
weightlifting  Muscular men lifting deadlift l'haltérophilie  
a board  Surfing, Girl, Female, Surfer, Surfboard une planche  

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Helpful verbs

jouer à ("to play"), gagner ("to win"), perdre ("to lose"), courir ("to run"), s'amuser ("to have fun"), e.g.:

J'aime jouer au soccer = "I like to play soccer"
mon équipe a gagné = "My team won"
mon équipe a perdu = "My team lost"
Il faut courir beaucoup quand on joue au football = "You have to run a lot when you play soccer"
On s'est bien amusé pendant le match = "We had a lot of fun during the game"
You can learn the full conjugation of these verbs here.
Click here to find out more about the verb jouer.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: plural verb forms

When the subject is plural, e.g.: ils/elles ("they"), mes amis ("my friends"), the verb must end in -nt. For example, Mes amis arrivent demain ("My friends arrive in tomorrow"). That said, you don't actually pronounce the ending, e.g.: arrive/arrivent are pronounced the same. You can learn more about French verbs here.
Verb conjugation:
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