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Household (la maison)

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English Images French
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
the door Front door house entrace icon la porte  
a bedroom Cartoon bedroom interior background template. cozy modern house room in morning light une chambre  
a room une pièce  
the basement le sous-sol  
the kitchen Modern kitchen interior background template. cartoon dinner room with furniture la cuisine  
the window  Window,barn,new,hampshire la fenêtre  
a house L'Architecture, Maison De Famille une maison  
a bed  Bedroom 1 un lit  
a table Cozy dining room with table illustration une table  
a chair old chair une chaise  
a cup  Cup,cup,green,stoneware une tasse  
a knife  Antique silver knife. un couteau  
a fork  Fork,fork,isolated,spoon une fourchette  
a plate  Plate,plate,dinner,dish une assiette  
a glass  Backlit glas un verre   
a spoon  Cuillère À Café, Métal, Manger, Cuillère une cuillère  
the stairs Empty hallway staircase background l'escalier  
the floor (ground)  Wood Floor le sol, le parterre  
a floor (of a building)   un étage  
the ceiling  stucco on ceiling le plafond  
the roof  Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision showing asphalt shingles le toit  
the shower  Little child boy character take a shower. daily routine. bathroom interior background. la douche  
the airconditioning  Air conditioning elements l'aire climatisé  
a bottle  Message In A Bottle, Sos, Bottle une bouteille  
the bathroom  Bathroom interior, room with furniture, bathtub, shelves, mirror, faucet, curtain la salle de bain
the living room  Interior of living room with sofa le salon  
a towel  Towels 1 une serviette  
the garden  In the botanical garden le jardin  
the sofa  House, Interior, Design, Couch, Sofa le sofa  

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Helpful verbs

avoir besoin de ("need"), être ("be"), monter ("to go up"), s'asseoir ("to sit down")

avoir besoin de
J'ai besoin d'un couteau =" I need a knife"
La douche est au sous-sol = "The shower is in the basement"
Il faut monter au deuxième étage = "You have to go up to the second floor"
Je vais m'asseoir sur le sofa = "I'm going to sit down on the sofa"
You can learn the full conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: how to say "mine"

To say "mine", "yours", "his/hers", etc., use a deteminer, followed by a possessive pronoun, e.g.: le mien, la tienne, etc. Note that the form used must agree with the gender of the noun in question. You can find our more about possessive pronouns here
Verb conjugation:
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