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Clothing (Les vêtements)




French Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
a hat Hat,hat,head,straw un chapeau
a light jacket Red woman's sports jacket un blouson
a heavy jacket un manteau  
the socks blank socks color set les chaussettes  
my shoes  Shoes,shoe,shoes,foot mes chaussures
heels shoes,shoe,human hand,people des talons  
the running shoes  Shoes,shoes,shoe,trainers les espadrilles
a shirt  shirts,made,ready,dress une chemise
pants un pantalon  
shorts   les culottes  
a belt  Brown leather belt, isolated on white background une ceinture  
a scarf  Winter hand knitted scarf flat pictogram un foulard  
under clothing   les sous-vêtements
jeans   un jean
a skirt une jupe  
a dress   une robe  
the boots  Winter Boots, Shoes, Leather Boots les bottes
a sweater  Red knitted sweater un chandail
my slippers   mes pantoufles
pajamas   un pyjama
to wear   porter  
to dress  Little girl getting dress on white background s'habiller    
to take off  Young woman standing in front of swimming pool removing the clothes enlever    

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Helpful verbs

porter, enlever, s'habiller, laver, e.g.:

J'aime porter les chapeaux = "I like to wear hats"
Enlève ton chandail = "Take off your sweater"
 Je m'habille vite = "I dress quickly"
Je dois laver ma chemise = "I have to wash my shirt"
You can learn the full conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Object pronouns

Like English, French has object pronouns: le/la ("it,"he"/"she"), me ("me"), te ("you"", lui ("to him/to her"). Unlike English, these come before verb in French, not after it, e.g.: Il me voit. ("He sees me".). You can learn more about French object pronouns here.
Verb conjugation:
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