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The Body

The Body (le corps)

English French
Listen and Repeat
the head la tête
the nose le nez  
the ears l'oreille  
the eyes les yeux  
my eye mon oeil  
the face le visage  
the hair les cheveux  
the heart le coeur  
the lungs les poumons  
the arm le bras  
the hand la main  
the finger le doigt  
the leg la jambe  
the knee le genou  
the foot le pied  
the ankle la cheville  
the body le corps  
the mouth la bouche  
the teeth les dents  
the cheeks les joues  
my shoulder mon épaule  
the elbow le coude  

my neck

mon cou  

the back

le dos  


Helpful verbs

se laver ("to wash"), avoir mal à ("to hurt"), se casser ("to break"), e.g.:

se laver
Je me lave les mains = "I'm washing my hands"
avoir mal à
J'ai mal à la tête = "My head hurts"
se casser
Je me suis cassé le bras = "I broke my arm"

You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.

You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Play the game!


Grammar: Pronominal verbs je me couche

Pronominal verbs have a pronoun as part of the infinitive (the base form), e.g.: se réveiller, se coucher. The pronoun must match the subject, e.g.: Je me lave ("I wash myself"), elle se couche ("She goes to bed"). You can learn more about pronominal verbs here.

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