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Travel (les voyages)

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English French Listen and Repeat
the street la rue  
the airport l'aéroport  
an airplane un avion  
a car une auto  
the gasoline l'essence  
to fill up with gas faire le plein    
the driver le chauffeur  
a taxi un taxi  
a bus un autobus  
a train un train  
a boat un bateau  
a credit card une carte de crédit
the beach la plage  
the corner le coin  
the sunscreen la crème solaire  
a hotel un hotel  
leave partir  
arrive arriver  
meet rencontrer  
travel voyager  
expensive cher  
Can you help me? Vous pouvez m'aider?  
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?  
an emergency une urgence   
the hospital l'hôpital  
a parking lot un stationnement  


Helpful verbs

aller ("to go"), arriver ("to arrive"), venir ("to come"), partir ("to leave"), e.g.:

Allons à la plage = "Let's go to the beach"
Le train arrive à midi = "The train arrives at noon"
Tu veux venir avec nous? = "Do you want to come with us?"
Il faut partir tôt = "We need to leave early".
You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: future verb forms

To indicate future actions, you can use a form of aller ("to go"), followed by another verb, e.g.: Je vais faire mes devoir ("I'm going to do my homework"). A second possibility would be to use the future ending, e.g:. Je ferai ("I will do"), fera ("He/She will do"). You can learn more about future verb forms here and here.
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