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Business (les affaires)

English French Listen and Repeat
to work travailler  
a job un travail   
the boss le patron  
the employee l'employé  
the staff le personnel    
the money l'argent  
to earn or make (money) gagner  
the schedule l'horaire    
on time à l'heure    
a cheque un chèque    
a business une affaire    
an office un bureau    
a meeting un rendez-vous; une réunion    
full time à temps plein    
part time à temps partiel    
a branch (of an office) une succursale    
to hire engager    
to fire congédier    
a vacation des vacances    


Helpful verbs

accepter, refuser, arriver, gagner, e.g.:

J'accepte votre proposition = "I accept your offer"
refuser de
Je refuse de travailler le samedi = "I refuse to work on Saturdays"
Il faut arriver à l'heure = "You need to arrive on time"
Ma mère gagne $30 de l'heure = "My mother makes $30 an hour"
You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Noun agreement

All French nouns are classified as either masculine or feminine. Make sure the determiner (e.g.: le, la, un, une) matches the noun for gender, e.g.: since the word for "thing" (chose) is feminine, you need to write une chose ("a thing"), not un chose (note that the noun's ending isn't always a good indication of gender, e.g.: un problème).
There is also agreement in terms of singular and plural, e.g.: les choses = "the things". You can learn more about noun agreement here.
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