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Clothing (Les vêtements)

English French Listen and Repeat
a hat un chapeau
a light jacket un blouson
a heavy jacket un manteau  
the socks les chaussettes  
my shoes mes chaussures
heels des talons  
the running shoes les espadrilles
a shirt une chemise
pants un pantalon  
shorts les culottes  
a belt une ceinture  
a scarf un foulard  
under clothing les sous-vêtements
jeans un jean
a skirt une jupe  
a dress une robe  
the boots les bottes
a sweater un chandail
my slippers mes pantoufles
pajamas un pyjama
to wear porter  
to dress s'habiller    
to take off enlever    


Helpful verbs

porter, enlever, s'habiller, laver, e.g.:

J'aime porter les chapeaux = "I like to wear hats"
Enlève ton chandail = "Take off your sweater"
 Je m'habille vite = "I dress quickly"
Je dois laver ma chemise = "I have to wash my shirt"
You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Object pronouns

Like English, French has object pronouns: le/la ("it,"he"/"she"), me ("me"), te ("you"", lui ("to him/to her"). Unlike English, these come before verb in French, not after it, e.g.: Il me voit. ("He sees me".). You can learn more about French object pronouns here.
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