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Animals (les animaux)

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Listen &
the dog le chien  
the cat le chat  
the bird l'oiseau  
a spider une araignée  
the horse le cheval  
the cow la vache  
the mouse la souris  
the fish le poisson  
the pig le cochon  
a frog une grenouiile  
a snake un serpent  
a bear un ours  
the octopus la pieuvre  
a monkey un singe  
a pet un animal domestique  


Helpful verbs

aimer ("to like"), avoir ("to have"), avoir peur de ("to be afraid of"), dormir ("to sleep"), e.g.:

J'aime les singes = "I like monkeys"
J'ai deux chats = "I have two cats"
avoir peur de
J'ai peur des serpents = "I am afraid of snakes"
Mon chien dort = "My dog is sleeping"
You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: Elision

French doesn't usually allow two vowels in a row between words. Instead, replace the first one with an apostrophe, e.g.: le animal becomes l'animal.

Give the English equivalent:

la souris =
un pieuvre =
une araignée =
un singe =

Give the French equivalent:

my dog =
a horse =
the fish =
a frog =
a bird =
the cow =

Translate the following, then verify your grammar with BonPatron.com:

1. Horses can run quickly.

2. Pigs are very intelligent.

3. I have a dog named Gilligan.

4. I like cats.

After producing your own grammatically correct translation on BonPatron.com, you can check your answer by typing R below:


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