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Health (la santé)

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English French
Listen and Repeat
I am sick Je suis malade  
I feel good Je me sens bien  
I am tired Je suis fatigué(e)    
the hosptial l'hôpital    
healthy sain(e)  
unhealthy malsain(e)  
a doctor un médecin  
a nurse un infirmier, une infirmière  
a cold un rhume  
the flu la grippe  
a fever une fièvre  
medicine des médicaments  
exercises des exercices
a diet un régime
stitches des points de suture  
a heart attack une crise cardique
a stroke un accident cérébral
a headache un mal de tête  


Helpful verbs

se sentir ("to feel"), avoir ("to have"), e.g.:

se sentir
Je ne me sens pas bien = "I don't feel well"
J'ai la grippe = "I have the flu"
You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: "would", "should", "could"

The words "would", "should" and "could" are expressed with the conditional verb ending. For example, "I would help" = J'aiderais. The form "should" is expressed by the conditional of devoir, e.g.: "I should study" = Je devrais estudiar. The form "could" is expressed by the conditional form of pouvoir, e.g.: "I could help you" = Je pourrais t'aider . You can learn more about the conditional here.

Give the English equivalent:

un rhume =
je suis fatigué =
un régime =

Give the French equivalent:

the flu =
the doctor =
I am sick =
unhealthy =

Translate the following, then verify your grammar with BonPatron.com:

1. I shouldn't go to work because I have a cold.

2. If you want to be healthy, you should you eat well and do exercises.

3. Yesterday, I slept well and am ready to work.

4. I would like to avoid a heart attack if I can.

After producing your own grammatically correct translation on BonPatron.com, you can check your answer by typing R below:


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