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Colours and Characteristics

Colours and descriptions

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English French Listen and Repeat
red rouge  
green vert(e)
black noir(e)  
white blanc/blanche  
blue bleu(e)  
yellow jaune  
brown marron(e)  
gray gris(e)  
purple violet(te)  
big grand(e)  
small petit(e)  
good bon, bonne  
bad mauvais(e)  
nice, kind gentil(le)  
happy content(e)  
sad triste  
slow lent(e)  
fast rapide  

More information about colours and other adjectives can be found here. You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

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Helpful verb

être ("be"), e.g.:

Je suis content = "I am happy"
Le livre est rouge = "The book is red"
Tu es gentil = "You are nice"
Ils sont grands = "They are big"
On est triste = "We are sad".
 You can learn the conjugation of these verbs here.

Grammar Point: adjective agreement

French adjectives change their form to agree with feminine and plural nouns, e.g.: Ma soeur est contente ("My sister is happy"), Les enfants sont prêts ("The children are ready"). You can find out more about adjectives here.
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