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English French
Listen and Repeat
Write (r = response; f = first letter)
my brother mon frère  
my sister ma soeur  
my mother ma mère  
my father mon père  
my son mon fils  
my daughter ma fille  
my husband mon mari  
my wife ma femme  
my uncle mon oncle  
my aunt ma tante  
my grandfather mon grand-père  
my grandmother ma grand-mère   
my cousin mon cousin  
my brother-in-law/my stepbrother mon beau-frère  
my sister-in-law/my stepsister ma belle-soeur  
my mother-in-law/my step-mother ma belle-mère  
my father-in-law/my step-father mon beau-père  
my last name mon nom de famille
a friend un(e) ami(e)  
my boyfriend mon copain  
my girlfriend ma copine  

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Helpful verbs

connaître ("to know"), être né ("to be born"), mourir ("to die"), e.g.:

Je connais ton frère = "I know your brother"
Mon père est né en Europe = "My father was born in Europe"
Mon cousin est mort l'an dernier = "My cousin died last year"
You can learn the full conjugation of these verbs here.
You can use the BonPatron Grammar Guide to test your knowledge on a wide variety of verbs and nouns.

Grammar Point: "to know"

French has two words for the English verb "to know": savoir and connaître. Savoir means to know a fact or piece of information, e.g.: Ma mère sait que je l'aime ("My mother knows that I love her"), while connaître means to know or be familiar with a person, place or thing, e.g.: Je connais un professeur qui peut t'aider ("I know a teacher who can help you"). You can learn more about savoir and connaître here.
Verb conjugation:
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